Ebone Internet gets you easily connected using high-quality, cost-effective network access to the information super highway.
We provide state-of-the-art network management services and maximum security for the Ebone Network Internet backbone.

Ebone Network Internet monitors and controls to the Internet with devices directly attached to the backbone router as well as the data communication lines. We continue to upgrade our capabilities and network capacity as our customer base grows.

Connections Fiber Support

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Ebone Network Internet Today Multiple Direct Connections .

Ebone Internet has multiple direct connections to the Internet backbone PIE (Pakistan Internet Exchange) & Transworld. These direct link-ups create high-level capabilities that result in higher speeds, reliable connections, and quality Internet access on optical fiber.

Our backend network is capable of handling heavy customer traffic.Because of our excellent bandwidth resources, Ebone Internet actually provides Internet gateway services to other independent ISPs!

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Optical Fiber Field Technical Support

Our Technical Support is well equipped to maintain the highest Service. We have three teams to support 24 x 7 each team includes two wire spanners, one splicer, two helpers and one drivers.

Equipment Details:

  • 2 x Fusion Splicers
  • 1 OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer)
  • 2 x Mobile Vans
  • 1 Km Optical Fiber
  • Complete Tools Kit

  • Major Features
  • Covered 75% of Karachi on Optical Fiber
  • We have 15 pops with UPS Oil backed Generator
  • Each POP has Equipt by CISCO
  • OUR Network

    Each POP has three Links Complete Buried Ring Network.

  • To continually strive toward our common goal of legendry customer satisfaction.
  • To build long term relationships by placing a high value on honesty and dependability.
  • To help our clients use technology as a tool to their success by using our technical expertise and best practices.
  • To provide competitive advantage to our customer through the implementation of business enterprise information.
  • To always maintain integrity through an atmosphere of trust and open communication.
  • To build a strong team of professionals by fostering both personal and professional growth.
  • To established as the premier supplier of connectivity solutions in Karachi.
  • Wireless Communications: Ebone Network have wireless expertise.
  • Our RBS (Radio Base Station) Installed in mid of the city (Gulshan-e-Iqbal).
  • Most of ISP’s are facing frequency interference our experts suggested that ideal location.
  • We are serving multiple customers on ISM Band