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Ebone Network Pvt.Ltd is an independent Advanced Technology company, established in 2008 as a one stop IT-Telecom solution provider. The company provides Fiber Connectivity’s, WAN, LAN and Internetworking connectivity, via Fiber & Wireless Infrastructure, network design and integration services, equipment installation services, maintenance and support services.

Ebone provides a diverse set of connectivity solution and services, applying state of the art leading edge technology to a total systems perspective to solve our client’s most challenging technical problem. We engineer for the future, by anticipating new client’s requirement and industry trends utilizing state of the art technology.


Fiber Optic Solution is yet another addition in the long list of services offered by Ebone Networks.

Fiber connectivity deals with amazingly faster data transmission over remarkably longer distance without data loss. Ebone guarantees 100% fiber optic up time and first class installation by our team of experts.


Ebone Networks (Pvt) Ltd. is leading the New High Speed Internet revolution, building Pakistan's finest wireless network, uniquely to provide secure, reliable access to the Internet.

Rather than using leased line, cable modem or standard ADSL connection, signals are transmitted to your business through a small antenna on your roof. From the rooftop, data is sent directly to the Ebone Networks Pvt. Ltd. Backbone. After all, "The shortest distance between two points is in a straight line" & we make the most efficient use of this.


All Ebone Wireless services, can be fully customized to meet the requirements of your business, deliver the following benefits:

> Unlimited 24/7 Internet Access.
> A scaleable, high speed Internet connection, with speeds up to 50Mbps.
> A more cost effective, high performance alternative to dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, T1,T3 and Fiber Optic's.
> An 'Always-On' connection - eliminates time wasted dialing in, waiting for emails and web pages to load.
> Unlimited number of users.
> Fast, professional installation getting started with Ebone Wireless service is quick, easy and trouble free. A typical installation takes between one or two days.

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